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Welcome to our online community! Meet new people. Make new friends. Read our Community Guidelines & Rules below

At BounXup Central ("BounXup"), we are building a community for safe, authentic, and editorialized information – built by real people for real people. We all need to accept some basic rules to keep it that way. The following rules and guidelines (“Content Rules”) explain what is and isn't allowed on our Services.

Our Live Chat (Live Chatters Central)

Our chat rooms provide our members and guests the ability to interact with each other and chat in real time. Discussions are moderated for civility.

Do not use the service to promote any form of propaganda or add links that may harm other users.

Do not use explicit language.

Do not use defamatory or prejudicial statements

Our Chat app does not use trackers and we do not share any information about you with 3rd-parties. Our chat will set a login cookie on your device. Login cookies are deleted on logout. If you register, your email will be stored in our database. Your email will only be used to reset a forgotten password. If you feel uncertain about submitting your email we encourage you to use a temporary email such asany@mailinator.com

*You May Not Attack People*

Harassment & Bullying.

We prohibit bullying or harassment of any kind and will not tolerate any expressions of abuse, such as threats or degrading statements intended to humiliate, intimidate, or hurt others.

Violence & Harm.

Encouraging violence or dangerous behavior is prohibited. We will not allow Users to use the Services for sharing Content that includes threats of violence or incitement to violence that may result in serious physical harm.

Personal Information of Others.

You should not share any Content that may contain personally identifiable information of any other individual, or that may otherwise violate the privacy rights of others.

*You May Not Attack Groups*

Terrorism and Hate Groups.

Terrorists and hate groups are prohibited from using the Services. You may not promote or incite violence against other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, affiliation, disability, or age.

Promoting Hate speech

You may not use BounXup Central ("BounXup") to promote, glorify or support hate speech, as defined by the United Nations: “any kind of communication in speech, writing or behavior, that attacks or uses pejorative or discriminatory language with reference to a person or a group on the basis of who they are, in other words, based on their religion, ethnicity, nationality, race, color, descent, gender or other identity factor.”

*You May Not Promote Misinformation*

Bot or automated accounts. If you are using an Account with a bot or other automated feeds, you must mark it as such, or it will be disabled.

No legitimate account should follow more than 7,000 profiles or post excessive amounts. Accounts that do will be suspected of bot activity and disabled.

Fake News and misinformation.

We prohibit the use of the services to share false or misleading information. Such conduct may include the distribution of unsubstantiated medical claims or manipulating content for false or misleading purposes.

Impersonation and Deceptive Practices.

We prohibit pretending to be someone else or attempting to deceive people about your identity. This includes impersonating your friends, celebrities, brands, or other organizations. We remove Content that may deceive people to achieve unlawful financial or personal gain.

We do appreciate comedy and parody, but please, clearly mark the account as a parody account. You must include “(Parody)” in both your Display Name and bio description. For example, John Doe (Parody). For non-parody accounts posting parody content, you must include “(Parody)” in the article title.

*You May Not Promote Illegal Activities*

Illegal Activity.

We prohibit the promotion of any criminal activity governed by applicable law, including promoting unlawful actions such as human exploitation, illegal gambling, and the trade of drugs.

Sensitive media.

You may not post media that is excessively gory, depicts sexual violence, or share violence within live video.

Adult Content.

We support nudity in art, comedy, and celebrating the human body, but some members may be offended by it. Please do not share pornography or explicit adult content on the site. There are other places for that.

Non-consensual or Underage Sexual Content.

Sharing any content that promotes, normalizes, or glorifies non-consensual sexual acts, or the sharing of non-consensual imagery, is strictly prohibited.

We do not allow the sharing of any Content of nudity or sexual activity involving minors under the age of 18.

Intellectual Property of Others.

You should only post original Content created by you or Content you have sufficient rights to use. You may not upload, share, or post any Content that infringes the intellectual property rights of a third party, and we will remove such Content if we become aware of it.

If you feel your content is being infringed, please fill out this form.

*You Must Abide By Our Community Standards*

Third-party advertising.

You may not submit, post, or display any content on or through our services that includes third-party advertising, including content with pre-roll video ads or sponsorship graphics, without our prior consent.

  • An account may only promote its own product as clearly described in the bio - no 3rd party products
  • Promotional posts are limited to maximum of 2 a day
  • Promotional content may NOT be mentioned in any comments


You may not post or comment for the sole purpose of offending, annoying or “owning” other people. Comments or posts that have no value other than insulting people will be deleted and multiple offenses will lead to account suspension.

Our mission is to create a safe, open-minded place for discussion. This means that we will moderate the content as best we can to preserve our users' safety and the platform as a civil place for discussions. BounXup Central ("BounXup") reserves the right to decide, at its sole discretion, if any content violates the following principles and remove it and/or the author from the platform.

If you violate these Content Guidelines, we may remove the breaching content, suspend or immediately terminate your Account, and/or notify the applicable authorities.

*Take Action*

We count on the community to help police our rules for the safety of everyone. Should you encounter a piece of content that you feel infringes on these rules, we encourage you to report the Content by using the reporting options available through the Services or by sending us an email to communitymanager@bounxup.com. We will promptly examine your report to determine violations of these Content Rules.